Deploy your DSL as eclipse plugin

Manual way to export and install a plugin

  • Within eclipse Export your language as "Deployable features".
  • Select the "*.feature" project of your language.
  • Select an archive file name to export your plugin
  • In the "Options" tab: "Browse" for "Categorize repository" and select the "*.repository" project of your language.
  • Click "finish".

Then, you can install the plugin from the exported archive in an eclipse installation (You can, e.g., copy your eclipse folder, start the copy, install your plugin and give the eclipse to another person). Installation is done using the menu: "Help/Install New Software".

Notes: (1) When installing the plugin, it may be useful to disable "Contact all update sites..." (this caused problems in some examples). (2) You are also prompted, that the new plugin is not signed (you must accept this in order to continue).

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