Many websites, books and persons influenced this work. The references are summarized in the following sections.

Toolsets / Language Workbenches

  • (Xtext) Xtext - a grammar based language workbench for java/Xtend/eclipse.
  • (TextX) TextX - a grammar based language workbench for Python.

Programming languages, Tools

  • (Maven) Maven - a build system
  • Xtend - a statically types language (translates to Java).
  • Python - a dynamically types language.
  • (Xtend Help) Eclipse/Help/"Help Contents"/"Xtend User Guide".

General information

  • (Dejanović et al. 2017) Dejanović I., Vaderna R., Milosavljević G., Vuković Ž. (2017). TextX: A Python tool for Domain-Specific Languages implementation. Knowledge-Based Systems, 115, 1-4.